A club above all. Above all a club

Welcome to Zamantix Rovers Football Club

We are one of the bigest Sunday Football Association clubs in Auckland.

Based at Michaels Ave in Ellersie, we have 4 mens teams and a womens team. We are open to all ages and skill level All you need is a passion for football and a good attitude.

If you are interested in playing, please get in touch here. If you'd like to know more, check out our About Us page.


Chris Noonan (Chairperson)

Covid-19 Update | 18 March 2020

Due to the ongoing concerns regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, NZ Football and the 7 Member Federations have agreed to postpone ALL community football until 2 May 2020.

Effective immediately all trainings, club events and social events are cancelled until further notice.

This postponement includes all pre-season games and community competitions including social leagues that are currently in progress. At this stage, all training is to be suspended until 18th April 2020.


SEASON 2020 REGISTRATIONS | 03 March 2020

With the season soon to commence, the painful task of getting player registrations in and fees paid begins! In the past, we have seen a players flout the rules around registration and fee payment which has sadly lead to a number of issues for the club.


We want to be perfectly clear that in order to be as fair and transparent as possible to all our club members, this will not be the case this year.


CLUB CODE OF CONDUCT​ | 01 March 2020

Last season saw a select few members fail to uphold the appropriate and expected behaviour

of our club. Sadly, this resulted in the ultimate removal of said members. It must be remembered at all times when involved in this sport that you are a representative of our club. This includes at training and from arrival to departure on game days both at home or away.


This means we would expect and appreciate the highest standard of behaviour during these times. As a club, we want all of our members to feel safe and welcome, and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, whether on or off the pitch. And so, you must be aware that you are wearing and carrying club colours, emblems and gear which makes you easily identifiable as a Zamantix Rovers FC member, and if there are any issues, it is our club who gets recognized and judged, and we are the ones that receive the complaints.e would hope that you behave in a manner that you would wish to have returned in kind by other team members and visiting players, management and supporters.


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