Zamantix Rovers FC is a community orientated club which prides ourselves on providing the opportunity for all to participate in football.


We define success as creating an environment and community where players can improve their football and develop a lifelong love of "the beautiful game".


Zamantix Rovers Football Club will be recognized for leading in sporting excellence, and for developing players who proudly represent their Club, Families and Communities. We will be known for our excellent sportsmanship as well as our respectfulness and professionalism both on and off the pitch.


Our mission is to be an inclusive, community oriented club that values the diversity of our community and is committed to providing a player pathway from grassroots to premiership.

We share our love and passion for football among our coaches, supporters, and members, and we promote a healthy lifestyle and development of life skills and values for our members.


Respect – the appreciation of the efforts made by teammates, coaches, and volunteers to ensure the enjoyment and develop within the sport.


Discipline – the ability for an individual to have self-restraint and to behave and practice in a controlled manner. Athletes need to be disciplined in the technical, tactical, mental, and physical as well as lifestyle areas of development

Passion – the drive you have to do something, no matter what. It’s what you love and feel you can’t live without, passion compels you to take risks and push yourself past your current limits.


Unity – the feeling of pride and loyalty that exists among all members of the team and what makes them want to do well.


Up the mighty Zee Rovas! #RedAndBlueThroughAndThrough