Once a year the hardiest members of the Mighty Zee Rovas undertake the ultimate endurance test and travel to the furthest reaches of our fair island to celebrate the Legend that is Zee.

For the unacquainted, the finest of footballing traditions, the challenge officially begins on the Friday afternoon with a steamo at the legendary Cambo, before heading out into the night to spread the fine reputation of the Zee Rovas. Grazing is provided in the late afternoon to soak up the afternoon’s bonding intake. Some Rovas (lacking all respect for their internal organs), often add to the challenge by arriving in the windy city on the Thursday for the warmup Steamo and a years’ worth of bragging rights.

Saturday morning its downstairs for the amazing restorative powers of a Cambo breaky, and the obligatory good health toast Early morning sees us embark into the vans for some light refreshments on the way to the Rimutaki Tavern, for morning tea with Queeny and her fine tattoos.

Shortly after kick off time we will travel across the divide to Maidstone Park to sweat out Fridays intake against our old rivals Hutt City under the leadership of the Legendary Nod. The matches are then followed by the finest in Italian cuisine washed down with a few celebratory drinks. As the vans travel back to the Cambo, much merriment ensures prior to us again headed out on our nocturnal adventures once more.

Sunday morning is akin to a Zombie movie, and the renown Cambo breakfasts are forced down and regrets of not applying for Monday off sink in, before the crawl back to Wellington Airport.

Right so how does all this work?


All Rovas are responsible for their own travel arrangements (i.e. Fights to and from Wellington, and travel to and from the airport), although a bit of communication usually means that you can share the costs to and from the airports with other members.

All Rovas will stay at the team accommodation at the Cambo and bookings are via the club. If this is your first trip, then by tradition you will stay in the Dorms. Upgrades will be allocated on a seniority basis but balanced against filling the dorms first.

The base charge of $180.00 fee covers:

- 2 night’s (Fri/Sat) accommodation at the Cambridge in the trenches

- Vans for trip to Upper Hutt on Saturday

- Tour Shirt / Hat

- Friday/Saturday Grazing

- Drinks for the van trip

Accommodation Upgrades include (Fri/Sat):
- Twin (Private Bathroom) Extra $70.00 per head
- Single (Shared Bathroom) Extra $60.00 per head
- Single (Private Bathroom) Extra $130.00 per head (Legends only)

Those wishing to go down on the Thursday the additional base charge will be 35.00 for the trenches. Those that wish upgrade for Thursday night also, please contact Chris Noonan to confirm price. 


Other group rooms may be available, but please indicate early.

Please RSVP by Saturday 1 August 2020.


Deposit of $50.00 is due by Saturday 14th August



*All bookings are on a non-refundable basis.