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Michaels Avenue Reserve

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For those keen to join the legendary Zee Rovas, register your interest now!

Become a Zee Rova

Zee Rovas

Ellerslie AFC

Michaels Avenue Reserve, 46 Michaels Avenue, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, New Zealand


By registering, I hereby declare:

- I am not under expulsion or suspension from any club, association or other body affiliated to or under the control of FIFA, and I will notify the club of any such suspension or expulsion while a member of this club.

- Should I participate in the NZF Chatham Cup I will notify the club immediately.

- That I understand that membership of Zamantix Rovers Football Club Incorporated is a privilege and as such may be revoked at any time without compensation should I breach the rules of the society, the clubs code of conduct, or those of any affiliated body or recognised partners.

- That I am personally liable for all fees as scheduled, any fines incurred by me, or by my actions or inactions, and for the loss, misuse or theft of club property, either on an individual or team basis. 

- I also accept that I am personally liable for any costs incurred in collecting outstanding monies owed by me to Zamantix Rovers Football Club Inc, or to any affiliated body.

- That I fully understand the above statements and that I all information given here-in is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.