The Zamantix Rovers Football Club Inc. (ZRFC) was established in 1995. Now based in Ellerslie, Auckland, over two decades later the club now boasts five teams, including the newly promoted AFF womens team, the Zamantix Roverines.

We are run by a small group of volunteers who are all enthusiastic and devote as much of their own time to the club as possible. We have a growing membership of more than 100 and we are proud to see how we have developed from our very humble beginnings to the widely respected and competitive club we are today.

ZRFC is known as a club with a warm and welcoming environment and we offer opportunities to players at all levels. The club has a no exceptions policy and offers opportunities for everyone.


One of the main objectives of the club is to have more people from the local community and surrounding areas playing football for fun.

We look to the future with a clear vision, positivity and enthusiasm. The challenge is for all our members to contribute towards building this club into a major force within the ASFA on all levels.


We invite you to come and join with us as we seek to participate, support and succeed across the playing fields of Auckland.