Without a doubt, we would not be where we are today without our core leadership team who all willingly volunteer their time and energy to growing and progressing our club forward.


The culture of continuous improvement these people have created over the past years has built a strong foundation for our club to grow. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch!


Executive Committee 2020

Chairperson - Chris Noonan

Deputy Chairperson - Kimberly Tarei 

Secretary - Kimberly Tarei

Treasurer - Anness Kattan 

Leadership Team


Coach Development Manager: David Smith 

Coach/Manager: Ash Maharaj (Zamantix Rovers Deuce) 

Manager: Jordan Biss (Zamantix Rovers Return) 

Manager: Connor Dijst (Zamantix Rovers Force) 

Manager: Daniel Birch (Zamantix Rovers Force) 

Manager: Pete France (Zamantix Rovers Old Boys) 

Coaches: Ron Kumar & David Smith Zamantix Roverines): 

Club President: Andrew van der Laan 

Past Chairpersons


2019: Chris Noonan

2018: Ash Maharaj

2017: Ash Maharaj

2016: Craig Wilderspin

2015: Craig Wilderspin

2014: Chris Noonan

2013 - 2009: Adrian Doyle