Where are we staying?


The Cambridge Hotel is an upmarket, 4 star establishment with fine dining cuisine. 

Located in central Wellington, it is only a short stumble away from the excitement of Courtney Place.

When do I have to RSVP?

Please ensure you have registered your interest by Saturday 1 August 2020 followed by your $50.00 deposit on 14 August 2020.

When are the rest of my fee due?

All remaining fees are due no later than Monday 14 September 2020. If you have trouble paying your fees by this date, please get in touch with us ASAP.

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What do I need to bring?

Please remember to bring you football boots and shin pads with you along with anything else you would usually take with you on a trip out of town (money, clothes, toothbrush etc). Roverines, please bring your red football socks with you also.

Can I upgrade my room?

Yes - see below for the details for the accommodation upgrades (Fri/Sat)

- Twin (Private Bathroom) Extra $70.00 per head
- Single (Shared Bathroom) Extra $60.00 per head
- Single (Private Bathroom) Extra $130.00 per head (Legends only)

Other group rooms may be available, but please indicate early.

Who do I contact with any questions about the trip?

Any questions about accommodation, fees or general inquiries can be directed to Chris Noonan.