How much do I pay?

You will have received an invoice following your registration. If you can't remember what you need to pay, please see below.


We have these basic payment options:

1. $180 - I am only coming on Friday with no room upgrade


2. ​$215 - I am coming on Thursday with no room upgrade ($180 + $35 Thursday fee)

3. $250 - I am only coming on Friday with a twin room upgrade ($180 + $35p/night)

4. $240 - I am coming on Friday with a single room upgrade ($180 + $30p/night)

5. $310 - I am coming on Friday with a LEGENDS room upgrade ($180 + $65p/night)

6. POA - I am coming on Thursday with a room upgrade I MUST GET COST FROM NOONAN

If you aren't sure which of these options applies to you, or you feel you don't fit into any of the options, please get in touch with us here.

All payments must be made to the following account by Saturday 14 September 2020

Account Name: Zamantix Rovers FC

Account Number: 12-3011-0714520-51

Reference: Surname + Intial + Tour20 (e.g. TareiKTour20)