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Old Boys conquer Waiheke

The ever formidable Old Boys have made their yearly jaunt over to Waiheke for the annual FootballFix 7's Tournament. Last year saw the lads take second place, an impressive accomplishment. However, not ones to rest on their laurels, the 9 strong contingent this year finished number one and took home the trophy!

Now, when I say "took home the trophy" they won it but at some point during the celebrations, the trophy ended up somewhere else. And unfortunately it seems as though nobody knows where this mysterious "somewhere else" seems to be - perhaps it's the same somewhere else as Tom's shirt?

You can see in the picture that the trophy itself is the size of a small child - let's hope they're better at wrangling their children than they are at wrangling their silverware.

Our congratulations nonetheless, and what a fantastic way to kick off your preseason, lads. May the success continue through to September when the winter season ends!

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